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Version 1, September 2020, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia


Welcome to the website (hereinafter: „Website “)!

We are company MEDILAB ONE vanjska i unutarnja trgovina, d.o.o. (hereinafter: „MEDILAB ONE “, „we “, „our “) with registered seat at the address Hondlova 2/11, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, PIN: 43021489625.

MEDILAB ONE is a leading company in the field of diabetes control products, an exclusive agent of world brands and a distributor of top products for chronic diseases.

This Cookie Policy is intended for all visitors, i.e. users of the Website and its functionalities (hereinafter: „user “, „you “, „your “).

If you have any questions about our Website, as well as questions about this Cookie Policy, feel free to contact us through the following available contacts:

In writing: Hondlova 2/11, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia E-mail: Call: 0800 600 900

Information on the cookie policy

In this Cookie Policy you can find all important information about cookies that MEDILAB ONE uses in its business operations, i.e. that it uses in connection to the Website.

The Cookie Policy contains the following information:

  1. Full name, address of the registered seat, PIN and contact details of MEDILAB ONE,
  2. What are cookies,
  3. Why does MEDILAB ONE use cookies,
  4. Which cookies MEDILAB ONE uses,
  5. With whom MEDILAB ONE shares the collected data,
  6. How to manage cookies,
  7. Other important information.

MEDILAB ONE will inform you about changes in the Cookie Policy in a timely manner and through regular means of communication (via e-mail, Website and the like).

It could occur that MEDILAB ONE collects some of your personal data via cookies. Read more about how MEDILAB ONE collects, processes and protects your personal data in MEDILAB ONE’s General Notice on the Processing of Personal Data.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit (use) websites.

There are different types of cookies, but the basic division of cookies is the following:


Cookies set by the websites, i.e. the owners of the websites you visit (use). In this case, these are cookies set by MEDILAB ONE when you visit (use) the website

Third-party cookies

Cookies set by a third-party, i.e. those who do not own the websites you visit (use). Third-party cookies allow certain third-party content and functionalities (such as advertising, interactive content, etc.) to be available on or through the websites you visit (use).


Cookies that are used to store data only temporarily and are deleted immediately after the end of the session or when you close your Internet browser.

Persistent cookies

Cookies that remain stored on your computer and mobile device until you delete them manually or until they expire.


Cookies necessary for the functioning of websites. Technical cookies do not store any data that can identify you. If you block technical cookies, it is possible that certain parts of websites will not be functional or available to you. In some cases, technical cookies on some websites cannot be disabled.

Functional cookies

Cookies that serve to improve the functionality and efficiency of websites, as well as the personalization of websites in accordance with the manner in which you use them. If you disable functional cookies, some functionalities of websites may not be correct or may not be available to you.

Advertising cookies

Cookies that are used to monitor your visits and activities on websites, and based on the collected information, the content of the websites is made more relevant to you, i.e. it is tailored to your interests.

Analytical cookies

Cookies that track your interaction with the websites you visit (use), all for the purpose of measuring visits (use) and gathering information to improve the websites (improving functionality, efficiency, correctness, content, etc.).

Why does MEDILAB ONE use cookies

Regarding the Website, MEDILAB ONE uses the cookies listed and described in detail in the next section of this Cookie Policy („Which cookies does MEDILAB ONE use“).

On MEDILAB ONE’s Website, first-party and third-party cookiesare used. Cookies that enable the functioning and operation of the Website and all its parts (technical cookies) are primarily used.

Cookies that improve the functionality and efficiency of the Website, as well as enable its personalization and optimization, all in accordance with your use of the Website (functional cookies) are also used.

In order to track and target your interests through analytics and advertising, MEDILAB ONE uses both advertising cookies and analytical cookies.

As a user of the Website, you are free to manage cookies and change your preferences (selections) at any time via Cookie Settings, but by disabling certain cookies, it is possible that some functionalities of the Website will not work properly.

The cookies used by MEDILAB ONE on the Website are in no way aimed at spying you, nor do they constitute malicious code or a virus.

Which cookies does MEDILAB ONE use

Below are the cookies according to function used by MEDILAB ONE on the Website. In addition to the exact name of the cookie, the type of the cookie in question by source (first or third-party cookie), its duration and purpose are also listed.

Please read carefully all about the cookies used by MEDILAB ONE and, based on the information provided, decide which cookies you will enable when using the Website.

Please note that technical cookies cannot be disabled, as these cookies are necessary for the functioning and operation of the Website. Technical cookies do not store any of your personal data on the basis of which you can be identified.

MEDILAB ONE does not currently use tracking technologies other than cookies on the Website.

In the event of changes to cookies used by MEDILAB ONE on the Website, MEDILAB ONE will inform you in a timely manner and through regular communication channels (via e-mail, Website, changes to this Cookie Policy, etc.).

Technical cookies
No. Name Type by source Duration Purpose
1 csrftoken First-party cookie 1 year Protection of the website from certain types of software attacks
2 sessionid First-party cookie 1 year Anonymous identifier of a specific user for the duration of the session
Functional cookies
No. Name Type by source Duration Purpose
1 cookie_control_consent First-party cookie 1 year Enables the saving of enabled cookies
2 cookie_control_enabled_cookies First-party cookie 1 year Tracks all cookies enabled by the user when enabling cookies
Advertising cookies
No. Name Type by source Duration Purpose
1 CONSENT Third-party cookie 5 years Transfer of information about the use of the website and information about the ads that the user saw before visiting the website
Analytical cookies
No. Name Type by source Duration Purpose
1 _ga Third-party cookie 2 years Set by Google Universal Analytics and used to track visits, sessions, and campaign data to generate analytics reports for a website
2 _gat Third-party cookie 10 minutes Set by Google Universal Analytics and used to restrict analytics requests to Google Analytics servers
3 _gid Third-party cookie 1 day Set by Google Universal Analytics and monitors user behavior on the website
4 1P_JAR Third-party cookie 30 days Set by Google DoubleClick and used to display personalized ads

Who does MEDILAB ONE share the collected data with

MEDILAB ONE anonymizes data collected through cookies on the basis of which you can be identified.

However, MEDILAB ONE shares such data collected through cookies with the providers of certain services required by MEDILAB ONE to carry out business activities, more precisely necessary for the functioning of the Website, as well as the use of certain tools (functionalities) on the Website. For example, these are providers of Website design and maintenance services, providers of analytical services on a Website and the like.

It is especially noted that MEDILAB ONE uses the services of Google Inc. in connection with the Website, namely Google Universal Analytics and Google DoubleClick. You can read more information on data collection and protection by Google Inc. on the following link:

How to manage cookies

You can manage cookies at will, i.e. you can accept (enable), reject or delete (disable) them. Bellow you can find some basic ways to manage cookies, but you can find out more about all of this at the following link:

By deleting your search history from your Internet browser, you will also delete (remove) all stored cookies from your device. However, be aware that by doing so, you may also lose some saved data (for example, account login information, personal preferences on various websites, etc.).

You can also control cookies using the tools or settings for setting cookies and privacy on websites. On MEDILAB ONE Website, you can control the cookies in the Cookie Settings for functional cookies, advertising cookies and analytical cookies.

You can set your Internet browser to accept or reject cookies. If you choose to set your Internet browser to reject cookies, your access to certain features of websites may be restricted or disabled.

Cookies are used to determine and receive advertising based on your interests (behavioral advertising). In this way, ads relevant to you, i.e. tailored to your interests, appear on the websites you visit. You can control behavioral advertising through websites for their control (rejecting). Please note that rejecting this advertising tailored to your interests does not mean that you will no longer receive any ads, but that they will not be tailored to you and your interests. For more information, visit: and

Through the settings on your mobile device and following the published instructions, you can manage the cookies stored on your mobile device, as well as manage the identifiers of your mobile device that are used for certain types of behavioral advertising.

Various Internet browsers (for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) have ability of sending the “Do Not Track” or “DNT” signals“ to websites, advertising networks, analytics companies, and the like. As uniform standards for "DNT" signals have not been adopted, some websites do not currently process and respond to "DNT" signals, including MEDILAB ONE Website. For more information, visit