THE LAUNCH OF GLUKOFON - a new service for people with diabetes

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Social responsibility

January 15, 2021 13:24

This year's World Diabetes Day, which is celebrated on November 14th 2020, places special emphasis on, and celebrates nurses whose help and impact on people with diabetes are immeasurable.

In order to mark this day in the best possible way, celebrate the role of nurses in diabetes, and at the same time to thank our customers for the trust they have shown us by using well-known CONTOUR® products, we have created a new service for which we believe will be of great help and importance to people with diabetes.


On Saturday, November 14, from 10 to 12 am and from 3 to 5 pm, GLUKOFON will be active on a free number 0800 600 900. This way people with diabetes will be able to talk to nurses, ask questions and get adequate advice and support. 


GLUKOFON will continue to be active after November 14 and people with diabetes will be able to consult with a doctor or a nurse, according to the schedule published on our website.

 GLUKOFON is part of GLUKOTEKA, our online database of verified information and expert advice, and a source of motivation for everyone to find the right balance in diabetes self-management. GLUKOTEKA also provides e-mail consultations with doctors. 

With this, MEDILAB ONE continues to develop services and bring products to the market, focusing on those whose needs and desires are our priority, and because of whom we do our job with great enthusiasm.

We believe that this is a way to help those who are not able to get in touch with their doctors and nurses to find the necessary information, but that it will also be helpful for the healthcare professionals themselves.

All news and information about GLUKOFON and other services and products can be found on the MEDILAB ONE website, on social networks and our customer support on 0800 600 900.